Get the light idea, Jax Beer, 1950s. 
Bordens Malt Milk, 1929. 
One of life’s great pleasures is smoking, Camel 1928. 
Camel Cigarettes, 1928. 
Blue Moon Silk Stockings, 1928.
Chesterfield advertisement, 1925.
Peter Pan, 1924.
The sociables prefer Pepsi. 
Be sociable, have a Pepsi. 
Enjoy the modern light refreshment. Pepsi advertising. 
Forever smart. So young at heart. Pepsi-cola. 
Only Miracle Whip can make Tomatoes taste so good! 1950s advertising.
Sunlit look of Creme Puff, Max Factor, 1962. 
Art Deco advertisement, 1916.